Straight Guy First Anal Sex

So how was your first gay anal sex? I’m a man married with a woman so I need to go anonymous here but let me tell you that my first gay anal sex experience was pretty good indeed. I must say that I had two stages of my anal sex life: bottoming and topping. My first deep anal as bottom was about 6 months ago, with a guy from my work called Alex (not his real name). He was nervous but I was relaxed. Straight Guy First Anal Sex.

Straight Guy First Anal Sex

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I mean, I had sex with many girls before, vaginal and anal too so I had experience, at least this is what I thought but the the pleasure and strong feelings are completely different when you are fucked by a man. Although I’m married and I do consider myself as a straight male, I always liked to flirt with random dudes and gays.


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In fact, I expressed with twink boys during the last college years but I but always felt completely straight or bi curious maybe but kinda turned on about the simple idea of a straight man having gay sex but, at the end of the day, I look, feel and act as str8 guy. I mean, it’s okay to feel kinky, horny and really dirty with other man but after sex you usually feel empty and, ironically, unfulfilled.

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Anyway last year I thought it would be cool to try some occasional men to men action like suck a cock or fuck a guy but maintaining a long term -and boring- relationship with my wife. So I has been dating random guys, sucking fucking and being fucked basically but again, for some reason, I used to feel guilty and some kind of shame or embarrassment with the situation..

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With the hope of get bored of this, and become a classic straight man who only fuck with the wife and his secretary so I tried to convince myself of that, being far in my closet that I couldn’t see it coming but I finally wanted to try being bisexual so I told my friends and they were incredible open with the idea but what’s the pong of having anal gay sex when you feel like that?

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Anal sex with gay boys is okay but it’s a lot better when you fuck with straight men who never tried bareback deep anal sex, they do have some kind of resistance. After all, gay anal gay it’s a domination’s game, isn’t it? I think I’m hetero and gay at the same time. Months ago I met a pretty cool dude and he was able to finally showing me the world of bottoming, so wow. It was clear he was experimented because I remember getting onto the his bed after talk a lot about life, being straight, things like that (Cute male Bareback Porn Videos).

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The first thing was when we kissed passionately, for a long time and well, I was there, ready for everything on all fours while he came slow to eat my butthole, using his tongue in circles, doing a great long rimjob, then he inserted two fingers and everything was okay until I felt that big cock suddenly, it was just a hard penis trying to enter into my anus. I remember my dick was huge and rock hard.

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First Time Deep Anal Gay Sex for Straight Guy

I mean, I has been in that position many times but never felt it like that. He was very excited and manly or dominant maybe, fortunately I was very well lubricated, horny and ready so I thrust my asshole backwards onto him so soon he was fully inside me, my first gay deep anal sex experience. Slow at first but killing me later. His penis touched the entrance to my anus quickly. Be sure to check these videos on members areas: ‘Male share private amateur porn videos doing anal sex’, ‘Straight man watching gay porn now wants to try anal sex’ and  ‘How much anal sex are most men really having?’

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I felt some kind of pop inside and the ridge around the head of his curved dick. To be honest I was waiting to feel some pain but I never did and also I remember his balls slapping, then I noted he was doing one of these amateur porn videos for the internet but it was okay because we were were moaning and groaning. He made me felt like never before. He was a real slut and, for the very first time, I didn’t feel empty at all.

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He came inside of me and I had a long orgasm. I remember the spurts of his semen inside of my ass in long streams so it was fantastic. The orgasm for me was almost instantaneous and I could have kept fucking for hours but he lost his erection within a minute of his orgasm lol. Anyway it was wonderful. So that was my very my first gay boyfriend. Although I accepted myself as being gay or bisexual, I’m not sure how to tell about this to my wife. Any idea?